Apple says all Macs and iOS devices affected by chip flaws

Patrice Gainsbourg
Janeiro 8, 2018

AMD's official word is that one of the two Spectre variants doesn't impact them at all, while the one that does is easily resolved by a software update that shouldn't impact performance in any meaningful way. This is a known issue where Windows Update incorrectly reports that the update failed to install. Even if that is successful, however, the operating system quickly attempts to reinstall the PC-freezing patch, they say. The security advisory includes links to knowledge base articles for both Windows Server and Client operating systems that provide further specific information. But as semiconductors increasingly spread to homes, cars and factories through the Internet of Things, the risk is that a winner-takes-all chip industry effectively makes a few manufacturers' products too big to fail.

It is speculated that cloud providers and virtual machines will be the most affected by the security problem in terms of performance degradation and data security problems.

If Windows Update reports error 0x80070643 while installing the patch, Microsoft recommends users to verify the installation by navigating to Settings - System - About and confirm that Windows 10 has been updated to latest version.

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who was addressing shareholders earlier this month, Windows 10 is now on 600 million devices as we head into the end of the year. It's an analogous problem to vulnerabilities in the once-dominant Microsoft Windows operating system - or, in the agricultural world, to a disease affecting a widely used crop variety, like the preponderant but under-threat Cavendish banana. The platforms which require/make use of many syscalls will see a significant performance hit because of those syscalls, but for our Hypercore Direct offering, we should see negligible if any impact.

It's just one of many vendors issuing fixes in response to the discovery of a serious flaw in Intel CPUs.

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In a statement, Cisco noted that in order to exploit any of these vulnerabilities, an attacker must be able to run crafted code on an affected device. "Our Hypercore-Direct version of SCRIBE was designed to not make *any* syscalls in the IO path, and as a result should see a negligible performance impact as a result of these mitigations".

That being said, if you would like to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8, you can do so now even if you are not using assistive technologies. Intel believes these exploits do not have the potential to corrupt, modify or delete data. Moreover, these chips are the engines driving clustered workhorse systems in modern day supercomputers whose only reason for existence is the ability to perform massive calculations.

When it comes to keyboards, it's still a neck-to-neck race, but Microsoft seems to have the edge, with a slightly lower price for the basic Type Cover, at $129, compared to the iPad's Smart Keyboard, at $159. Nexus and Pixel devices can automatically download the update.

"Therefore, we recommend that ESET users keep track of any related patches for their systems and apply them as soon as possible".

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