SpaceX launches mystery government payload

Eloi Lecerf
Janeiro 13, 2018

Speaking on Monday, SpaceX spokesman James Gleeson appeared to be sticking with the commercial space-launch service's initial assessment of the launch: "We do not comment on missions of this nature; but as of right now reviews of the data indicate Falcon 9 performed nominally".

And SpaceX's launch last May of a spy satellite was disclosed as a mission for the National Reconnaissance Office, even though the NRO was concerned enough about secrecy to request that SpaceX cut off launch coverage 2 minutes and 48 seconds after liftoff. While it appeared that the launch went off without a hitch, the full launch and separation of the nose cone, which surrounded the secret satellite, was not streamed as it normally is, due to the classified nature of the mission. If additional reviews uncover any problems, she said, "we will report it immediately".

Elon Musk's Space Exploration Technologies Corp. successfully launched its first mission of the new year: a classified payload for the US government into low-earth orbit.

"Since the data reviewed so far indicates that no design, operational or other changes are needed, we do not anticipate any impact on the upcoming launch schedule", Shotwell added.

The Wall Street Journal quotes unidentified congressional officials who were briefed on the mission as saying the satellite apparently did not separate from the second stage, and plunged through the atmosphere and burned up.

The satellite, according to experts cited by the newspaper, is believed to have cost billions of dollars.

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The mysterious craft was blasted into orbit from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, on Sunday. When SpaceX has had mishaps in the past, it's grounded the company for months. The strange thing about the Falcon Heavy is, it will carry a Tesla Roadster to Mars.

SpaceX's failure to mention the Zuma craft prompted Peter to say the failure may have happened after it separated from the rocket.

SpaceX is looking ahead to its test launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket after a successful launch of a top-secret government payload Sunday night. SpaceX's latest US government payload is shrouded in mystery.

"Everybody involved with the mission is pretty tight-lipped about it", reported last year.

Sunday night's launch will be streamed online.

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