Donald Trump: North Korea 'sincere' in talks offer

Patrice Gainsbourg
Março 8, 2018

Yonhap reported that South Korean Trade Minister Kim Hyun chong set out on his second trip to Washington, DC in a week to meet with government officials and lawmakers to get Seoul exempted from proposed steel product tariffs announced by the United States.

And for the first time, South Korea reports that its neighbor is willing to consider dismantling its nuclear program if the US moves first, and eliminates any military threats to the North Korean regime.

Implied in Chung's relaying of what unfolded in the meeting, is that North Korea is willing to talk about its nuclear program if the United States is willing to discuss how to reduce tensions.

Mr. Trump added his is Thursday tweet that while the "world is watching and waiting" the "ready to go hard in either direction" on delivering on talks with the regime.

"We have come certainly a long way, at least rhetorically, with North Korea", Mr Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, declining to say whether he had any preconditions for talks.

Presidential national security director Chung Eui Yong said the North sought to hold talks with the United States and would impose a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests during those talks. A high level delegation from south has just visited Pyongyang where it was given the red carpet treatment and dined with Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong-un. "The North and South are opening up a hotline between the two leaders to improve communications and reduce the risk of miscalculation", said Kimball. "We'll soon find out". He views possession of nuclear weapons as essential to his well being as well as the well being to his nation. "All efforts in the past have failed and it simply bought North Korea time to achieve what they want to achieve". This official also said a joint military exercise between the U.S. and South Korea was still scheduled for mid-April.

On November 29, North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile, topped with a "super-large heavy warhead", capable of striking the US mainland.

Chung said the two Koreas would hold a summit at a South Korea-controlled facility.

A senior Trump administration official said, "We are open minded, we look forward to hearing more".

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Tuesday's announcements were the most promising indication that the U.S. and North Korea could now talk.

It followed a series of co-operative steps taken by the Koreas during last month's Pyeongchang Winter Olympics hosted by South Korea.

Since North Korea pulled out of so-called six-party denuclearization talks in 2009, Pyongyang has developed new nuclear capabilities.

Hopefully we'll go in the very, very peaceful, beautiful path we're prepared to go, whichever path is necessary.

Mr Trump tweeted that "possible progress" was being made in the talks with North Korea, and that all sides were making serious efforts.

And the reality of the New Trump Era is that avoiding an unnecessary second Korean War would count as a major foreign policy victory for both Washington and Seoul. "The room (for cross-border agreements) at the summit will become broader when there is progress in dialogue between the U.S. and the North".

"They will be met with fire and fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before", Mr. Trump said last year.

At the same time, Pyongyang boasted that it was perfecting the technology to top a long-range missile with a nuclear warhead, increasing the threat to the US as a potential target.

Moon has also remained vigilant against North Korea's weapons ambitions, saying on Tuesday South Korea should bolster its defences in tandem with talks with Pyongyang.

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