Which Is the Best Feature of Android P?

Eloi Lecerf
Mai 10, 2018

It is the follow-up to the ADT-1, the first ever Android TV box that was made specifically for developers to be used in testing applications. It also uses the AMLogic 905X which can be found in Amazon's Fire TV 4K dongle and comes with the latest Android P-based Android TV build. Additionally, as our headline implies, it can output up to 4K content in HDR. And yes, it has a display! Google emphasises that Duplex cannot carry out general conversations and the only reason it can talk naturally is because it has been trained in this area extensively.

One of the most convenient features that is coming soon is a new option in Gmail that uses machine learning to predict entire phrases that users are typing. Google has yet to show a live demo.

Google has been left putting things which should be platform-level APIs, like the Neural Network API, into services updated through the Play Store.

Turn your phone face down to "shush" - Flipping your phone onto its face will turn on "do not disturb" mode, which silences calls, buzzes and other visual notifications.

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It was also announced that Google has simplified the Android TV Quick Setup process. Google is also giving us the tools to help curb our smartphone addictions, with new features and settings designed to force us out of apps and into the real world. When the human hairdresser said that they didn't have a free appointment for 12pm, that's when things got interesting.

You have to enable a setting to take advantage of some of the new Android P gestures. This was AI actually mimicking natural human voice, with pauses and inflictions at exactly the right places, virtually indistinguishable from an actual person. Hating it? Still not sure about it? I think it's a change, possibly for the sake of changing something rather than a meaningful change that has improved the experience.

How does it work in practice? In a recent report on "malicious AI", Brundage and his co-authors posited a series of unnerving examples, including how an AI could copy someone's voice to fool a listener or seek information as part of an automated "social engineering attack". It's hard to imagine Google implementing either feature if it had succeeded, as intended, in building an attention-addictive social network like Facebook or Twitter. The press (and consumers) demand it and, more often than not, the technology companies oblige. From Russia's attempts to use major technology platforms to subvert democracy to YouTube's penchant for recommending videos filled with blood, suicide and cannibalism to children, Google has a long to-do list.

So, any users stuck with Oreo or Nougat on their current devices will have to either buy the cable or upgrade to Android P. Just like you'd expect with words in a messaging or editing app, a menu popped up to let you copy your selection to paste elsewhere. The Columbia University professor Tim Wu in 2017 called for "Blade Runner" laws that would prevent a company from deploying human-copying machines that hide their true identity.

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