Google rolls out Assistant's new voices in US

Eloi Lecerf
Mai 11, 2018

Although it may be tempting to play with the giant touch screen, the Android system will shift into a "quick-settings" mode when you're on the road, and limit access to certain functions.

The car's touch screen is huge and has enough space to show a map, the weather, your music, and reminders from the Google Assistant-all large enough to read. Most of them are actually a pretty clear upside.

Besides Android, YouTube is the focus of attention. Have you already gone back to the old-style buttons?

The Android System notification is present since Android Oreo update, but the icon notification is the new addition with Android P. According to a screenshot shared by Android Police, if an app is found abusing the microphone or camera permission, users will be notified about the same.

Going forward, the Lens will also offer real-time results, the company said.

Before you give it a try, a word of caution: You probably don't want to install this update on your primary device.

Currently, Do Not Disturb on most phones just prevents you from hearing notifications.

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A boa administração da justiça não se identifica necessariamente com a condenação e o cumprimento da pena, recordam os magistrados.

Google Assistant: Umm, Wednesday at 6 PM.

Android P includes a dashboard to track how much time you spend on your phone. And Google - yes, that Google - wants to help.

Some techie cool kids manually switch their phones to gray as a way to avoid distraction, but making it automatic is much more effective.

At the moment, Duplex is only able to carry out natural conversations in what Google calls 'closed domains' - i.e. conversation set-pieces like calling a restaurant or a hairdresser. The lines between human and AI have been tremendously blurred; it's nearly impossible to tell the cheerful salon worker from Google's Assistant. With a single click, the tool quickly studies the vintage image to add color to the black-and-white photo.

This new version of the Assistant is built on a tech machine learning technology called Wavenet, which the company started building out some 18 months ago.

Google, of course, did not just mimic Apple's new gestures, although some the actual finger movements will look more than familiar.

The lynchpin is Google's use of Debian Stretch - that is to say, as long as there is a version of the code that runs on Debian, you'll be fine to code and run in any IDE you like.

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