Android TV Streaming Dongle Is Real But For Developers Only

Eloi Lecerf
Mai 13, 2018

The addition of years of full-fledged, desktop designed apps and games certainly makes the prospect of ditching Windows a lot more tempting, although it will probably take more than SuperTuxKart to persuade most people to dump Windows in favour of a Chrome OS or a Chromebook. Th registered devices will get the update and the interested developers can register themselves by following the process shared by Google.

Google is actively trying to involve as many devices as possible into Project Treble to ensure devices get Android updates in time. Adaptive Battery will allow Android P to prioritize battery power for the apps and services you use the most. That's where it can sell you ads and services in order to make money - that's its bread and butter. This means that the brightness setting will not just depend on the ambient sensor alone, but also give the user a more customised feel. Google has yet to show a live demo.

Google has a history of naming Android after sweet treats like candies and cookies (KitKat, Oreo, etc). The changes are coming in the next two months.

Enter the recent apps screen by tapping the recent apps button in the navigation bar or swipe up on the home screen.

A key update will come in the form of smartphone support for the Android TV. On its website, Snapchat says, "To keep a Snapstreak going, both Snapchatters must send a Snap (not Chat) back and forth to each other within a 24 hour window".

Duplex will make its call from an outside number when its user asks it to complete the task; the human won't be able to listen in or intervene. I guess the AI is as smart as the manager behind the project.

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Android P also includes a new core interface that uses iPhone-like navigation gestures and smarter ways to access functions that are usually buried away inside apps. I don't need to be interrupted every time I get an email message or someone mentions me in a tweet or even when my favorite news sites post something they think is urgent.

Yesterday, Google officially released the Android P Beta Program. You know, assuming you've used any touch-based device at some point in your life.

Google last week updated actions that its assistant can perform on smartwatches powered by its Wear OS software. Let's check out some of the features announced.

Those aren't the only Android Auto changes Google was showing off at I/O.

That kind of notification, Brundage said, would help educate people about the advanced state of AI. Searches also summon up related content on the infotainment panel.

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